Meeting Dates

A Babywearing North Shore workshop meeting in progress

We hold workshop meetings on the 2nd Friday of each month from 10am – 12pm.  At the workshop meetings there is a presentation by our volunteers who are experienced babywearers, and then the rest of the meeting is spent helping attendees try out different carriers (from our sling library or those belonging to our volunteers), or assist attendees with their own carriers.

On the 4th Friday of each month we hold a relaxed coffee group style get together from 10am – 12pm . This is a chance for us to socialise and help is also available for any babywearing questions or assistance required with carriers.  All welcome.

cedar centre

Venue: Chelsea Rooms at Cedar Centre, 56A Tramway Road, Beach Haven, North Shore.

Cost:  For non-members, a donation of $3 per family to cover venue hire is appreciated.

Membership:  $25 for one year (includes one free carrier hire)

Hire of carrier:  $10 for members, $20 for non-members. Hireage is for TWO weeks, and is easiest to return at the coffee group a fortnight after the workshop.

Meeting Dates for 2017:

                                                    Workshop                             Coffee Catch Up

January                                         (none)                                      (none)

February                                          10                                           24

March                                              10                                            24

April                                                 14                                           28

May                                                 12                                           26

June                                                 9                                            23

July                                                  14                                          28

August                                             11                                          25

September                                       8                                           22

October                                            13                                          27

November                                        10                                          24

December                                         8                                        (none)


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